Real Playlists

Real playlists, real listeners. No bots. No bullshit.

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More Than a Campaign

What we offer is much more than streams and followers. Our campaigns focus on building a strong audience for each artist over time, that can eventually be monetized to support a profitable career.

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No Bots, No Bullshit

Dealing with random curators on the internet is like navigating a mine field. Luckily, we know our way around.

Our curators are reviewed using tools trusted by Spotify, such as Chartmetric,, and isitagoodplaylist

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Real Playlists, Real Stories

Curators Who Care

Our curators take pride in carefully curating their playlists, prioritizing the listener's experience rather than accepting paid placements.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our clients are family to us. If there's ever an issue with your campaign, let us know so we can work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Spotify TOS Compliant

Every playlist in our network is a real playlist made by a real person. Each curator has the right to refuse a submission, and curate their playlist based on their own preferences.

Become A Curator

We’re always looking to work with passionate new curators. If your playlist supports rising talent, send an email to to see if your playlist qualifies to join our network.

Case Studies

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What To Expect

You're going to notice the difference.

Trigger The Algorithm

Our campaigns are geared to trigger algorithmic playlists, so your song continues to grow even after our pitching campaign is over.

Make New Fans

The playlists we work with are followed by active communities, so you can expect to see fans convert off of Spotify to other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Permenant Placements

With select packages, your song will be eligible for a permanent playlist placement, so that your song can grow with the audience of the curator long-term.

Real Playlists

Real playlists, real listeners. No bots. No bullshit.

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